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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Advanced Ways to Advance in Press Release Writing

If you need to have good backlinks to your site, you can use press release writing in conjuncture with article marketing. It really proves quite effective. When it comes to press release writing, you really need something that you need to promote. It could be anything right from a new book to a new site and that is why sometimes it is really difficult to make use of press release writing to market your site.

But when it comes to article marketing, you can go on writing about anything under the sun. What is more, you can write about he same topics continuously without any problem. There won't ever be any dearth of topics to write on. Another factor is backlinks. With press release writing, you can generate a few backlinks but when it comes to article marketing you can generate a great number of backlinks to your site.

The next step would be submission of press releases. There are a few free as well as paid directories where you can submit your press releases but again the number of such sites is very less as compared to the number of article directories where you can submit your articles. That is why it is always more beneficial to submit your articles to theses article sites. And when you have some product to write about or some new site to promote, you can use press release writing and submit it. The conclusion is fairly simple. Use both press release writing and article marketing in tandem.

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