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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Books or Online - Where Should I Look for a Literary Agent?

Once your book proposal is written, you'll naturally desire to happen a literary agent to stand for you. Two of the best topographic points to happen a literary agent are in books and online. Which is better? How should you seek to maximise your efficient usage of clip and energy? And which is more than accurate? The followers article replies these inquiries from the position of a author who wishes to happen a good literary agent who manages books like the 1s you write.


Books and online searches each have got advantages and disadvantages. The truth is that neither 1 is perfect, and each offerings something of value. Books, for instance, often have got accurate information and more than complete verbal descriptions of agents than an online listing. Books also offer the information in a manner that lets you to happen agents in a specific genre. For instance, Writers Digest's "Guide to Literary Agents" have got a genre index so that if, for example, you're a sci-fi writer, you can instantly see all the agents who manage sci-fi.

Online searches, on the other hand, have the advantage of being more than recent. If an computer address or telephone set figure have changed, it's easy to update it online. Online hunts can also turn up spots of information that are not readily available in any other way. For example, when searching for a peculiar agent, you're likely to falter upon things like newspaper and magazine narratives about the agent, interviews with the agent, or remarks by other authors about the agent. This is owed to the huge amount of information available on the Web. All this seemingly peripheral information can be utile to you when trying to choose an agent.


While book hunts can supply thorough information about literary agents, and online searches can supply immediateness and current data, using both beginnings of information together is really the best manner to seek for an agent.

One manner to make this is to seek for literary agents online first. See if the agent is mentioned in Google. (Almost every agent is.) Then see if there are any interviews with the agent, which often allows you acquire inside information on how he believes and attacks the undertaking of representing clients. Next bend to the books which listing agents and see what the writeup states about this individual. These two beginnings of information will give you invaluable penetrations into how the agent works, what sorts of books the agent represents, and what the agent is like as an advocator for an author's work.

By using both books and online sources, your hunt for a literary agents will likely take to a good short listing of agents to direct your question missive and book proposal to.

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