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Monday, July 30, 2007

188+ Stages of the Hero's Journey (Monomyth, Screenwriting) - Hero's Worst Fear


The 188 phase Hero's Journey (Monomyth) is the templet upon which the huge bulk of successful narratives and Film Industry blockbusters are based upon. In fact, ALL of the 100s of Film Industry movies we have got deconstructed (see uniform resource locator below) are based on this 188+ phase template.

Understanding this templet is a precedence for narrative or screenwriters. This is the templet you must get the hang if you are to win in the craft.

[The nomenclature is most often metaphorical and uses to all successful narratives and screenplays, from The Godfather (1972) to Brokeback Mountain (2006) to Annie Hallway (1977) to Godhead of the Rings (2003) to Drugstore Cowboy (1989) to Thelma and Louise (1991) to Apocaplyse Now (1979)].


THE 188 phase HERO'S journey affects a figure of major phases, including:

a) The reaching from Another World into an Ordinary World.

b) The Ordinary Self, that have come up about as a consequence of being in the Ordinary World.

c) The encouragement from the Ordinary World into a New World.

d) The gradual dissolving of the Old Self.

e) The becoming of the New Self.

f) The thrusting away from the New Self and New World.

g) The confrontation with challenges.

h) The mastering of the Old and New Worlds and Selves.


(simply travel to for full details)


EVERY hero travels TO THAT topographic point WHICH HE fears MOST

Every Hero goes on a Journey. As is implied, the Journey is physical but also psychological: The Hero journeyings from an Ordinary World to a New World and transforms from an Ordinary Self to a New Self (the physical journeying brings on the psychological transformation). A critical component of both journeyings is the First Threshold.

Psychologically, the First Threshold is that topographic point which the Hero fearfulnesses most and from where he cannot tax return ("beyond here there be dragons"). This fearfulness is exacerbated by the earlier Refusals, Interdictions and Dove and Hawk debates. In Dances with Wolves (Academy Award Winner Best Film, 1990), Toilet Dunbar is initially afraid of the Frontier because it is unknown and afraid of the Indians who dwell there. In The Matrix (1999), Neo is afraid to larn the truth; once he have crossed over, he cannot return.

Physically, the First Threshold is some New Sphere that is a polar antonym of the Hero's Ordinary World. It is a unsafe place, with unsafe and unfamiliar physical objects and dwellers and is separated from the Ordinary World by physical barriers or markers (rivers, railroads, tunnels etc ) that the Hero must cross. In Dances with Wolves (Academy Award Winner Best Film, 1990), Toilet Dunbar must traverse the prairies to attain the Frontier; when he acquires there he happens it to be the polar antonym of where he have come up up from - devoid of people and peaceful (he have just come from fighting in the civil war). In The Matrix (1999), Neo traverses over to happen a human race completely different to that from where he have just come up - world are in cod and managed by machines.

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