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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Developing a Publisher's Mindset

I have got had 28 books published by major publishing houses such as as HarperCollins, Toilet Wiley and Sons, W.W. Norton, Penguin and others. When I first became involved in authorship and publication trade books (publishing industry cant referring to books for a general audience), I had an author's mindset. That is, I was thinking like an author. "Once they see my proposal, they volition recognize this will be a great book and they will desire to print it." Sometimes I sold my projected books and sometimes I didn't.

But after some old age and some experience trying to sell book thoughts that didn't sell or trying to acquire a new agent and failing, I began to recognize that I needed to understand and talk to the agent's demands and involvements (and in bend the publisher's demands and interests) as well.

I necessitate to construct the concern lawsuit for the book as well as do certain the proposal showed how alone my book thought was and why there was a grouping of readers who would be likely to purchase it.

These three considerations are what I name in my book authorship and publication courses:
Platform, positioning, and population.

Platform is a publication industry cant that roughly translates into your:
Selling abilities

Selling plans

Selling channels


Portfolio of former accomplishments

Positioning affects where your book will be positioned within the bookshop and the book marketplace in general. This includes what genre the book belongs to (romance, detective/thriller, self-help, spiritual, inspirational, how-to, and so on) and how it is different from other similar books.

Population can be viewed as a subset of Placement in thaqt it assist define who exactly your readers will be. Most newbie or aspirant authors state their book is "for everyone." It is difficult to marketplace to everyone and the publishing house will not be swayed by this stance. Better to contract your market. For example, there are tons of books about emphasis direction out there, but how about "Stress Management for New Parents" or Stress Management for the Newly Retired"? Narrowing the population may be by age, geographical location, involvement grouping or anything else that sections and differentiates your possible reader from all readers.

Mastering these three facets of pitching your book undertaking lessenings the likeliness of agents and editors rejecting your book, not for its content or topic, but for other reasons. Please larn about these of import subjects before you submit your book.

Hope this assists in getting your book written and published.

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