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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dear Prospective Self-Published Author

Be Encouraged! Self-Publishing is a great thing, an industry that open ups you up to a human race of possibilities. Just watch out for a few things.

You may be searching for a self-publishing company right now. Good. Now take a few minutes to understand this industry: Self-publishing companies do money off of you, the author, not from merchandising books. They'd be glad to never sell a single transcript of your book so long as you purchase one thousands of dollars worth of resources from them that mightiness aid you sell books maybe someday. This is a perfect set up for taking advantage of eager people who have got a echt desire to "get heard" or do a life doing their passion.

One of the chief strong points of self-publishers is that they are efficient. Efficient like machines. And they give you options. They give you control. They will print whatever you state them to publish. Many pod (print on demand) companies will reply your inquiries over the phone, via online courier or through email. They will do your book expression however you desire it to look. They will probably complete your book and set it up for sale on Amazon before three calendar months are up (or as soon as one calendar month if you pay them enough).

The chief ruin of self-publishing companies is that they don't care whether or not you sell any books. They're main end is to sell you dozens of other dirt that anyone experience in the publication industry would cognize is crap. Sadly, their concern depends on your ignorance. They're hoping you'll pass three modern times more than you have got to. I spent an other $6000 on selling add-ons for my first pod book because I thought (and the representative talking to me over the telephone heartily agreed) that throwing money at my book will do it sell more. I now recognize that it would have got been cheaper throw away a few hundred dollars worth of pennies into a lake. This would have got got got been more than fun, it would have provided me with physical exercising and, best of all, it would have been a Hell of a batch cheaper.

Do Not buy selling bundles from self-publishing companies. Bash you desire fourth estate releases? Then compose one for yourself, do transcripts of it yourself, and then administer it yourself. Keep in mind, you are a self publishing house You wrote the book yourself. You will most definitely have got to marketplace the book yourself. Even traditional publication houses go forth the selling up to you in many cases.

Again, make not purchase pre-made marketing kits. These amount to overpriced transcripts of the presence page of your book. You're a self publisher. Don't engage person to make something that you can make yourself (like black and white out transcripts of the presence of your book).

Take the aforesaid example, how I wasted $6000 on superfluous selling add-ons. Suppose I had bought $6000 dollars worth of books and just given them away? I would have got been able to give out 100s of books for free! Copies of my books would be all over the place. Or I could have got given away one-half and sold the other half.

Investigate the price reductions pod companies offering writers who desire to buy their book in bulk. BookSurge is an illustration of a company that offerings good writer discounts: 70% off if you purchase a thousand or more. (65% off if I purchase 500-999, etc.).

Do not purchase advertisement space for your book in periodicals. This mightiness work for people selling autos or houses but, as for your indeterminate small book, such as an investing will not pay for itself because no 1 have ever heard of your book, no 1 cares about your book, and no 1 is going to begin protective about your book from a little advertizement in some periodical.

Watch out the physical quality of the books a self-publishing company produces. You don't desire books with a inexpensive screen that coils over onto itself. You would never purchase such as a cheaply constructed book off a book shop shelf, so don't anticipate others to purchase it.

Investigate royalties. Some topographic points will offer higher royalties if you sell books directly from their homepage only to turn around and complaint excessive fees for shipping. This is another ground by BookSurge is ideal: Authors acquire 25% committee from anything sold through (this is outstanding). Shoppers can buy your book and the up-to-the-minute season of Grey's Anatomy on DVD in the same shopping cart to acquire their transportation for free. There are also many merchandising advantages to selling your book through Amazon.

Be wary of book tax return bundles as well. They're supposed to vouch that a bookshop can go back any unsold books they might tell from your pod company. This totally leaps the gun. You would wish to believe that you'll necessitate it, but it will stop up being a complete waste. How about getting the books into a bookshop in the first place? First thing's first, acquire a bookshop to stock your books before you worry about whether or not your books are returnable.

And ticker out for any selling bundle that offerings to direct out a batch of proclamation electronic mails for you. The trade is, you pay other for your self-publishing company to direct out thousands, millions, maybe even millions of electronic mails about your book. What make we normal people name this? Debris mail. Spam. Not deserving the clip it takes to delete.

Financial Outline of my first self-publishing experience: What I spent: about $8000 What I should have got got spent: maybe $2000 (for the custom-made book design, nil else).

Financial Outline of my 2nd self-publishing experience, after I learned a thing or two: What I spent: $1500 (including binding and a usage presence cover) What I should have spent: $1500 (if I pass anything else it will be to purchase existent books).

by Saint Patrick Richard J. Roberts

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