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Monday, November 19, 2007

If You Are Looking For Vivid Descriptive Writing Then Here It is

Here is graphic descriptive writing, written by a medical doctor, with an angel visiting Paul, the retainer of God, at the tallness of a Mediterranean Sea storm. Read it and bank check it out but realise that there is much more than here than just first-class writing.

This is a dramatic incident in the New Testament which it would be hard to better upon.

In Acts Of The Apostles Chapter 27, we read of a highly exciting sea story, where Alice Paul is being transferred from Caesarea to Rome. The narration is a chef-d'oeuvre of accuracy. They sailed right into trouble, because they paid no attentiveness to the adult male of God. They rejected the advice of the retainer of Jesus Of Nazareth Christ. They would not hear nor have got what was being said through the Apostle Alice Paul - a adult male with a batch of experience - a adult male who knew how to listen to Supreme Being and commune with God.

I have taken clip to inquire and reply that of import inquiry - "Is the Book true?" - and this is one transition where we can inquire assorted inquiries of the text, and happen the biblical business relationship totally reliable, and able to stand up up to all the assorted questions.

To turn out any historical event scientifically you necessitate - 1. A dependable record - and

2. You necessitate to be certain that the individual who wrote the record is dependable and honest. We have got both here. We can check up on the facts - the geographics - the paths - the islands - the ports mentioned - make all these exist? Did ships canvas like this at this time? Check the nautical facts - could these ships throw 276 people? Was there unsafe weather condition in early October, when this journeying took place?

The grain ship gets to canvas west. The lading have to be carried as quickly as possible for the interest of profit. The concern is Grain and Profit.

A soft wind began to blow, and they grabbed their chance. They seized the slightest favourable breeze. Soon there is a hurricane, and they are blown along, at one and a one-half statute miles an hr for 14 days, and if you work that out they would get in the country of Malta. This is graphic descriptive authorship - but it is more than than that.

The ship was on the point of breakage up, and they did what people did at that clip - necktie the ship together with ropes. Send a adult male underneath with one rope and bind it together to forestall the lumbers from springing open. There is terror aboard this ship. But while they are running around in a hive of feverish activity, something else was happening aboard that ship. Alice Paul had been communing with Supreme Being - while the violent storm was at its tallness - its worst - its fiercest. Verses 21 to 23. Are there not a lesson here?

Paul had been praying and fasting, and the effects of that clip of Communion are revealed. You should have got got taken my advice and listened to me. You shouldn't have sailed from Crete. You could have got avoided all this loss and harm and fear, and now I urge on you not to lose your courage. No-one will be lost but the ship will be destroyed.

Last nighttime an angel of Supreme Being visited me - I belong to Supreme Being - I function Supreme Being - I am His place - He is my Maestro and I worship Him and He sent an angel to curate to me.

The angel said, "Don't be afraid Alice Alice Paul - Paul, you'll acquire to Rome. You have got to look before Caesar. You will be kept safe, and all who canvas with you will be kept safe."

So maintain your courage. I believe in God. It will go on just as the angel spoke to me, but, we must run aground on some island. Many are safe because a Christian is present.

Paul is one of those who are the salt of the earth, and the salt is preserving life in this situation. The crewmen knew they were nearing land. The H2O was becoming shallower. They threw out four anchors, and wished it were morning.

Then, Alice Paul witnessed scenes of panic. The crewmen allow down the lifeboat, and were preparing to get away under some pretension of deception. Where there is danger iniquitous work force go deceptive. The desire to last at the disbursal of others dominates. Work Force will make anything to protract their lives in this world.

Paul talks to the Centurion and to the soldiers. If these crewmen don't stay aboard this ship, you cannot be saved.

What a lesson this is for The Christian Church - when some people run away - the whole grouping can be at hazard - people and the group. Here again, we see the adult male of Supreme Being who is so concerned about others. "Get a small nutrient into you. You will necessitate something to eat for energy - you've had nil for 14 days." Alice Paul took some food, and gave thanks, and they all had something to eat. It is as if Alice Paul have had a interruption through. All volition be rescued.

There were 276 people aboard that ship and now they acquire quit of everything they did not need. The crewmen still thought they could salvage the ship. Supreme Being said they couldn't. Who was going to be right?

They cut off the ground tackles - untied two guidance oars - raised a canvas - all in one last attempt to attain the shore. But, two strong electric currents running together caused a sandbank to constitute at this point, and the ship ran aground and was unmovable, and the violent moving ridges interrupt it up from the rear.

The soldiers planned to kill all the prisoners, so that none of them could swim ashore and escape. But, the Centurion, wanting to maintain Alice Paul safe, set a halt to that plan. They all range the shore safely.

When Supreme Being talks - what He foretells - come ups true! Alice Paul have to be preserved - kept safe - delivered to Roma in one piece. No injury must come up to Paul, and Jesus Of Nazareth will utilize assorted people to protect His darling chosen servant.

If Supreme Being have called you, He will not neglect you. He will never allow you down. There ARE things which it is impossible for Supreme Being to make - neglect you - allow down you - let you down. That surprises some people. But it is a fantastic surprise. Supreme Being is faithful.

Remember that wherever you are and whatever you may be abiding and experiencing at this time.

Sandy Shaw

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