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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Malawi: Malawian On Ambitious Plot to Promote Culture of Reading -


28-year-old Cleo Bonny, a Malawian citizen who is passionate about reading, programs to go the human race promoting the civilization of reading.

He is currently visiting schools in Republic Of Namibia encouraging scholars to read more than as this volition better their cognition and addition more information.He said, to begin with this project, he struggled with finances resulting in him writing a book on children titled "The immature commentator".

The passionate Malawian reader, Cleo Bonny, programs to go the human race and advance the civilization of reading.

He is using the money he made from the gross sales of the book to go and promote and seek and raise the degree of reading. He have been in most southern African states and from Namibia; he will be going to Angola.

Bonny states many children cannot express themselves well, read fluently and properly and with a state of affairs like this, what sort of future leading can one expect? He said he nears school principals and inquire for permission to see social classes and talking to the scholars about the civilization of reading.

Bonny said instructors give attending to scholars that make well. But he said one can also understand the teachers' state of affairs since the social classes they provide for are too large which do the state of affairs hard for them.

Bonny emphasizes the fact that there is no instruction without reading, no authorities without reading since this volition Pb to corruption, unemployment, economical impairment and takes to people going to other countries.

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He states it would be good if presidents could promote their states to read more than as the doctrine of reading can work wonders. He emphasizes that the civilization of reading is not only for schools but should be a general thing. Bonny states he is hoping on finishing all states in Africa, and then bes after on going to the remainder of the world. He states his female parent is the 1 who taught him to read, something he is very thankful for. He states to be able to travel around without any patrons he had to believe economically, and it is all thanks to reading.

Bonny states to better or larn something new he is planning on going to the United States of United States since the job is the same in Africa. He states he is hoping to animate people in general and after traveling and spreading consciousness on reading, he is planning to set up four schools in four countries, and maybe begin a business.

"I am leading by illustration by showing scholars that one can do it and addition a batch through reading," he says

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