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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nigeria: Commissioner Wants FCT to Share in Federation Account -

Ofem UketAbuja

Federal Commissioner representing the Federal Soldier Soldier Capital District (FCT) at the Gross Mobilization Allotment and Fiscal Commission, Dr. Daniel Aliyu, have got called on the federal authorities to include FCT in the gross sharing expression from the federation account.

Accordingly, he said that FCT have the position of a state as provided by the Nigerian fundamental law subdivision 299, that declared that the FCT shall have country councils, constituencies and senatorial zones, and as such as shall be accorded the position of a state.

Aliyu who is presently making attempts at the committee and consulting with members of the National Assembly to see how FCT can actualise its position in footing of revenue, disclosed that the federal authorities have got 48.5% monthly from the federation account, while the states take 24% and the local authorities 20% monthly.

Other authorities federal agencies that benefit from this sharing expression are the Nigerian Customs Services and the Federal Soldier Soldier Inland Gross Services (FIRS), owed largely to their profile in gross generation.

He suggested a on time reappraisal of the gross sharing formula, to include the Federal Capital District to enable it develop physical substructure at the artificial artificial satellite towns with collapsed amenities.

"The satellite towns in the FCT have mediocre infrastructure. There are virtually no township roads, no good wellness attention bringing system, mediocre educational installations and of course of study epileptic supply of electricity, because of low funding.

"If the FCT is included in the gross sharing expression from federation business relationship like every other state, development of substructure and a corresponding improvement of the life status of people in Capital Of Nigeria will be enhanced,"he said.

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The federal commissioner disclosed that the population figure in FCT during the last nosecount exercise, increased to about 1.8 million people and that was an indicant to the fact that existing infrasructure are over-stretched, truthful the Federal Soldier Capital District Administration (FCTA) necessitates more than finances to ran into the challenges ahead.

He further stressed that any development in the FCT is for all Nigerians, because of its strategical importance as the nation's capital, comprising people from across the country.

Aliyu therefore, appealed to the federal authorities and the National Assembly to as a substance of urgency reappraisal the gross allotment sharing expression to include FCT.

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